A Funnel is a series of messages delivered in a specific order with the idea to capture a lead and make a sale

Messages can be in the form of:

  • Online pages - Websites, Funnels, Social media pages

  • Emails 

  • Text messages

  • Bot messages

  • Social media content

Every Funnel Has a GOAL, it can be any of the below + much more

  • Capture a lead

  • Purchase a product or service

  • Register for a class or event

  • Build rapport


Your funnel needs to be as simple as possible, and still achieve the goal. Over-complicating a funnel for the ‘cool’ factor is a prevalent mistake

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Funnel Types:

Each Funnel has a different OBJECTIVE

and needs to be used in the right part of your customers journey.

The Lead Gen / List Build Funnel

The Lead Gen / List build Funnel

OBJECTIVE: To generate leads & build your list

FUNNEL TYPE: Front-End Funnel

Used specifically to get leads and/or build your list.

Usually, a Free resource of value is offered in exchange for an email address & phone number.

The SLO Funnel

The SLO Funnel

OBJECTIVE: The goal of the SLO funnel is to create awareness of your Brand + up-sell a highly irresistible offer

FUNNEL TYPE: Font End + Core

SLO = Self Liquidating Offer - this funnel uses the Lead Gen / List Building Funnel with the add on of a sales page, where a prospect lands on after downloading your free offer.

This page is generally called an 'OTO' page - (One Time Offer)

This One Time Offer is designed to make enough income to pay for the advertising of this funnel, and therefore got its name as a SLO Funnel.

This Funnel is a Front-End Funnel + Core Funnel

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